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My favourite BREAKFAST: Baked Oatmeal ♥

Breakfast is called to be the most important meal of the day! Luckily I really love a long and extensive breakfast which merges into a brunch 😉

By getting up in the morning your body needs time and energy to be able to awake! For the last hours, it was in a state of deep relaxation and regeneration. Therefore it is really important to supply nutritious and healthy food to your organism – so you can start your day perfectly!

In Austria, where I live, people usually have something sweet for breakfast – like bread with butter and marmalade… As for me, this is not a satisfying meal that helps my body to get the full energy in the morning,  I had to come up with a better idea for my everyday routine. This is how I found a recipe for BAKED OATMEAL!
It’s really easy to make, contains a lot of protein, carbs, good fats and vitamins and feeds you up for hours!

What is really convenient for me as well, is to prepare a bigger portion once a week so I can have it for breakfast a couple of days in a row!

Here I will show you my interpretation of the perfect BAKED OATMEAL ♥

All you need is:
(for 3-4 portions)

160g Oatmeal
250ml almond milk (as an alternative you can use cow/oat/cashew/soy/hazelnut milk… or even water!)
2 eggs
10g linseeds (or Chia seeds)
10g sugar (I prefer brown sugar, but you can also use honey or maple syrup or totally skip the sugar 😉 )
1 little teaspoon baking powder
50g grated nuts
fruit of your choice – I usually use 1 apple, 1 banana and if I have some raspberries – they always look and taste delicious on top 🙂

How to prepare baked oatmeal:

Preheat the oven to 180° C.
It is really easy to prepare. Just mix all the ingredients – except the fruits – together in a bowl. Cut your selected fruit into little pieces or stripes. Arrange them at the bottom of the baking tin and put the oatmeal- dough on it. Spread the dough equally and put your selected fruit on top. Additional you can add cinnamon, pieces of nuts, cocoa powder or whatever comes up your mind on top!
Bake it for about 35-40 minutes at 180°C.

arrange the fruit
put the dough upon it

Here too it applies that there are no limits to your imagination! You can add dried fruits, coconut flakes, nuts, vanilla extract … Once I even put some typical gingerbread spices into the mass – it was delicious 🙂

Enjoy it right away as it is still warm or let it cool down, put it in your snack box and enjoy it the next day at work/school 🙂

delicious 🙂

I really love this easy way to having breakfast! I hope you enjoy it too! Let me know how you like it 😉

Linda ♥


9 thoughts on “My favourite BREAKFAST: Baked Oatmeal ♥

  1. Sounds awesome! I love oatmeal, I usually make it in the crock pot, but this looks like a great variation. I think my kids may even be tempted with the fruit baked in it.

    Liked by 1 person

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