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Meal prep! Safe money while living healthy ♥

When you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it can be really tough to eat out. Especially when you go to work or school every day and you don’t have the possibility and time to cook during your lunch break.

I find myself in this situation right now. I work in an office, where we have a little kitchen but no possibility to cook – just a microwave. Since there are a lot of restaurants with special lunch offers nearby, it is really convenient to go out and have lunch there. In the beginning, I really liked it, because it’s easy and you don’t have to think about what to eat every day – you just decide in the moment.

However, over time for me, three problems with this kind of lunch lifestyle manifested:
  1. It’s extremely expensive to go out for lunch 5 days a week!! Even if you have special prices on the menus and benefits through your employer (like in my case 😉 ). Spending an average of 10 euros for lunch every day is like 50 per week and 200 every month! Just for lunch! In my point of view, this is definitely too much…
  2. The second problem is – what I mentioned before as an advantage – that you can’t decide what you will eat. Of course, it’s kind of liberating that you don’t have to make this decision every day, but I’m sure you all know the feeling when you have a special craving for a certain dish – When you’re sitting at work and starting to feel that little rumble in your stomach… The desire for your favorite dish, something healthy or literally just anything else than the typical everyday-the-same offers you find in restaurants.
  3. In the country where I live – the beautiful Austria, in central Europe – people like to eat a lot of meat. Basically in every way you can imagine. Since I am not that, much into meat, it’s often not that easy to find something satisfying for lunch. Of course, nearly every restaurant offers vegetarian menus- sometimes even vegan. However, these are often not equal to a healthy dish! Most of the time these dishes contain a lot of cream and fat sauces, which – I have to admit – taste deliciously, but do not really go in hand with a healthy diet 😉

These arguments in mind I started to prepare my meals the night before, or sometimes I even cook for the whole week on Sundays. It’s pretty easy. Since nearly every evening I prepare a warm dish for dinner, I just double the number of ingredients and voila – there you have your lunch for the next day 🙂

Sure, sometimes I am too busy or – I have to admit it – too lazy to cook in advance. In this cases, it’s perfectly fine to go out for lunch to a restaurant! For me, it works best to find a balance between cooking my own healthy meals some days and going out  to enjoy some dishes that I don’t know how to prepare myself or even something like Pizza or Spaghetti on other days!

Of course, this is just my own opinion. I know that when it comes to nutritional discussions, every person has their own way of thinking. Nutrition is a very personal topic and everyone should find their own way that works for them. Not everything that claims to be healthy, is healthy for everyone! It always depends on tastes, current state of health, maybe some allergies or intolerances,… The most important thing is to be able to enjoy what you eat!!

Just find out what works out best for YOU. With which diet YOU feel comfortable, healthy and most productive.

I, for my part, can say that preparing my meals in advance really helped me to save money and time and to manage to live a healthy lifestyle even during busy and stressful periods.

Here I show you some examples of easy, healthy and delicious meal preps that I prepared:


Of course, meal prepping is not just about lunch! You can also prepare your breakfast some days in advance! I love the option of baked oatmeal! Once prepared you can have it for breakfast a few days in a raw! Extremely delicious, healthy and sooo easy to prepare! You will love it


I would love to hear about your experiences about meal prepping! Maybe we can also share some recipes 😉

Enjoy your day!

Linda ♥


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