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Meal prep! Safe money while living healthy ♥

When you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it can be really tough to eat out. Especially when you go to work or school every day and you don't have the possibility and time to cook during your lunch break. I find myself in this situation right now. I work in an office, where we… Continue reading Meal prep! Safe money while living healthy ♥

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Healthy 2-ingredient cookies ♥

  Trying to live a healthy lifestyle and having a sweet tooth are two things that are really hard to combine sometimes. Since I love cooking, baking and experimenting in the kitchen, I tried to think about a healthy way of satisfying my cravings for sweets. That’s how I came across this wonderfully easy and… Continue reading Healthy 2-ingredient cookies ♥

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You eat with your eyes first

Hey everyone 😊 I thought for a really long time what my first blog post should be about... My favorite recipe? Some advice for a healthy and diversified lifestyle? How dangerous the consumption of too much sugar could be? However, then I decided I should talk about something that got very important for me over… Continue reading You eat with your eyes first