About me

Hello everyone!

I am Linlinda-bc3a4r1.jpgda, a 24-year old girl from beautiful Austria, who loves food, travel and enjoying every moment of life! At the moment I’m working in the field of health promotion and prevention. Besides I’m attending an education for becoming a nutritionist.

I’ve always been passionate about eating lots of good food, cooking and enjoying my meal in good company. Since I decided to become a nutritional consultant I learn how to combine all of these things in a healthy and delicious way! Can you imagine anything better? 🙂

I also LOVE traveling the globe, exploring new countries, people and habits and just to go somewhere I’ve never been! Since I am a child I was traveling a lot w10x15.jpgith my parents – seems like I got my wanderlust from them :). During my studies, I lived in Perú for one year and later I also traveled through South America on my own – just me, myself and my backpack 😉


In my blog, I will show you parts of my life that fascinate me – like easy and healthy recipes, wonderful places, exotic fruits, experiences of my travels, weird things that happened to me, … everything that comes up my mind 😉

Come and enjoy life with me! 🙂